Your love for your kitchen is understood! It is the place where you cook yummy pieces of happiness for your nearest and dearest. And thus, you need to be smart enough to utilise the space in an effective manner. It is not just about the shelves and drawers, a lot more than that is required if you want it to be perfect.

Have a sneak peek below at some of the most efficient kitchen design ideas, you too can have them!

Placing the Drawers: It is difficult to imagine your kitchen without drawers. But, if you are placing them efficiently you can add much more usable storage space, which as you can imagine is always very handy. Keeping them under the cook top can be a great idea to.

Placing the Drawers

Don’t leave that Unused Space: After you have placed all of the appliances in to your kitchen, search for the empty spaces. If you find any nice narrow spaces, fill them with a storage packed rack or even more drawers.

Don,t Leave the Unused Space

Multi-Storage Options: If you really wish to make it more spacious and elegant, multi-storage options can help you out. All you need to do is make the most out of your island, it will not only help you to keep things in order but also within easy reach.

Multi- storage options

Use the Cabinet Doors: The cabinets in your kitchen are already storing quite a considerable amount. Why not make them more storage savvy? How? Use the back of the door, to create an enhanced storage solution.

Use the Cabinet Doors

The Pegboard Storage: If your walls are free, why not use them! Get yourself a pegboard and hang anything you like to it, pots, pans the list is endless and looks good.

The Pegboard Storage

Pick and Kick: Another fabulous thing to add are the toe kick drawers. Get them placed under an island or just your cabinets, for that extra bit of useful storage.

Pick and Kick

Be Practical: This is another important thing you need to focus on. From your counter top to the appliances you select, be practical. Choose the products that cater for all your needs, rather than just some. For example, you can go for quartz kitchen worktops, which offers features like durability, heat & stain resistance etc… or try using energy efficient (rated) appliances to cut down on your energy bills.

Be Practical - Quartz Worktops

The decisions you make now will be in your life for the lifetime of the kitchen, make the good choices now.

Ryan Henderson

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